About empilon 1

Origin of EMPILON® Brand Name

In 1972, since HOTAI developed its own TPR material, we simultaneously improve the mold and injection molding machine to make this technology can be utilized in the shoe sole manufacturer. This material and molding technology continues to be widely used in the industry today.

In order to respond to the fast-growing international market and create material which is more advanced and diverse than TPR. In 1986, we began to develop and use reference formulation technology to produce HTPR (Hydrogenated Thermal Plastic Rubber), and we launched our own brand as EMPILON®11



Further Analysis of EMPILON

EMPILON® is a reference blend of A-B-A molecular structure polymers. It consists of hard styrene at both ends and one soft elastic intermediate group such as ethylene/butene or ethylene/propylene. Therefore, injection molding can be performed by heating to produce softening and flow; after cooling, it can be set while maintaining elasticity. EMPILON® can be widely used in injection molding, extrusion molding and blow molding. By simplifying product processing steps,EMPILON® can make products more competitive.




EMPILON Material Characteristics

◎ Widely hardness range, from Shore OO to Shore D

◎ High transparency, 100% Transparency

◎ Good sealing, anti-slip and shock absorption performance

◎ High temperature resistance (Generally spec up to 85 ° C, but special development can up to 180 ° C)Low temperature resistance(Lowest temperature down to -56° C)

◎ FDA certification

◎ Good weather resistant performance

◎ Chemical resistance, excellent resistance to hydrolysis, acid and alkali, can also be immersed in solvent or oil for a short time.

◎ High tensile strength and low compression and deformation

◎ Great elongation (at least 500%)

◎ Excellent electrical properties, such as insulation, voltage resistance, and resistance to electromagnetic waves

◎ 100% Recyclable




EMPILON® Applications

◎ The superior competitiveness of EMPILON® is that it is suitable for all kinds of elastic materials, and it can bond with rigid plastics and engineering plastics, such as ABS, PC, Nylon.

◎ Apply to computer information, communications and home appliance products, as well as hardware tools, sports goods…etc.

◎ Medical food equipments: syringe plugs, food containers, pipe and gaskets, pacifiers, gas masks and other products need FDA certification.

◎ Sporting goods: diving equipment, handles and toys

◎ Industrial goods: water pipe, tools, wheels of toy car and gaskets

◎ Automotive parts: air pipe, dust cover, bumper, decoration gasket and mudguard

◎ Others: shoe material, accessories and various handle




The Future of EMPILON®

◎ Investment in R & D, manufacturing and innovation is the consistent persistence and inheritance of HOTAI group. In order to keep the diversification of EMPILON® product specifications and maintain great quality, we use sophisticated testing equipment during research and development process. Moreover, we have our own manufacturing methods and recruit highly-educated professional R & D and manufacturing talents. Through self-development and experimental trial production, it ensures the stability of production and quality. We always take the challenge that we could offer customized product to fulfill specific requirement at any time.

◎ Besides, we always focus on talent training. Each sales representative owns professional technical knowledge to provide services and to help clients in various product development projects. We devote to providing the best service and solution to our clients to fulfill any requirements.