EMPILON® 6 series compound having high transparency, good resilience, excellent mechanical properties and lower specific weight are specially designed for medical, food and anti-vibration related applications. Hydrogenated Styrenic Block Copolymer is the main content of this 6 series compound. They have low specific gravity and the hardness range is provided from Shore OO 30 ~ Shore A 80. They can be processed by way of ordinary plastic machine for Injection, extrusion or calendaring etc.

EMPILON® 6 series compound are non-toxic and free of Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr6+, Sb, As, Ba, Se, Halogen and Phthalate ester, they also comply with the Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substance directive in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS 2002/95/EC) and SONY SS-00259 that prohibit products that contain Pb, Cd,Hg, Cr6+, PBB and PBDE etc. They are 100% recyclable and comply with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment directive (WEEE2002/95/EC).

EMPILON® 6 series compound retain good mechanical properties both before and after heat resistance, weathering and solvent tests and won’t hydrolyze in water. It is not necessary to dehumidify the material before use. For coloring, please select color master batch based on PE or EVA. Do not use PVC based material. Higher screw speed and backpressure are required for better colorant dispersion.